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Russian Women Scam List

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This months top scammer

Irina (Ira) Suhorukova

Irina Suhorukova

This years top scammer

3680 Olga KONKINA
Saint Petersburg
29years old
110lb, 5' 6"
Scammed dozens of men for thousands of dollars.
Very evil woman!
Referred to as the "Grocery Lady"

Couple arrested
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Top Scam

The most typical scam is: "If you send me money for airline ticket and visa I can come and see you." It is almost impossible for these women to get a visa to the US or most other countries. The only real way is for you to apply for a fiancee visa. If you still going to buy a ticket use a credit card and have her pick it up. If she say that will not work you are being scammed. A sincere women will not come to your country until she meets you in person. Many scammers will also say they have a friend at a travel agency who has connections. Do not believe it.