Super scammer of the month Irina Suhorukova (Ira)

Irina (Ira) Suhorukova
Petrovskogo Street 119 - a/98
Donetck, Kirovsky District

phone number: +38 (062) 330-3-66

Age 22 Height 5' 8" (1.73m) Weight 125 lbs. (57kg) Hair Color Blonde Eye Color Gray

Last email received (the 170th that we had sent each other) on April 3, 2003. I was supposed to meet Ira at the airport in Vancouver, Canada on Friday, April 4, 2003. I sent her $850 USD (for the flight costs) and $500 USD (Ira said the Canadian Embassy required that she have that to prove that she had cash for the trip before they would issue the VISA I called the Embassy and I was told that this is not true and they said this is not required.) to her through Western Union they had to have picture ID before they would release the money, so I know Ira had to have picked the money up.

The phone number is disconnected. There is no reply from the email address (although) and I have already sent a letter to the mail address. Mike. Irina Suhorukova 4

Irina Suhorukova 5

Irina Suhorukova 1

Irina Suhorukova 3

Irina Suhorukova 4

I don't know how many times we tell you guys don't send money. These women can not get a visa. The only way to get a visa is if you apply for it and this is a fiancee visa and you most have met in person prior. If after this warning you to still want to send money for airline ticket try and buy one with a credit card and have her pick the ticket up. This way she can not take the cash and run. If she says this is impossible then she is scamming you, don't let love(lust) make you stupid. I have been involved in this business for over 8 years and this is the most typical scam. 90% of the girls are good, but that 10% that are not are very aggressive and good at scaming. If a women, any women from any service ask you to send her money contact Tony at Foreign Bride Guide or John Adams at A Foreign Affair and they will be happy to give you advice and help protect you. There are lots of great women out there don't let the few discourage you. Just be a little skeptical and look for any warning signs.